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Brian Burke: Representing the Best South Windsor Realtor


A specialist in real estate, home improvement, and property investment for more than 10 years, South Windsor Realtor Brian Burke narrowed his focus in 2006 by becoming a Connecticut-licensed South Windsor Real Estate Agent. In the seven years since, he has eclipsed all typical growth patterns, firmly establishing himself in the top 1% percent of Coldwell Banker Realtors nationwide, and within the top 10 ranking of more than 2,500 Coldwell Banker Realtors across Connecticut and Westchester, New York.



To truly understand Burke’s passion and commitment, however, one has to view his business, not in comparison to the nation or the tri-state area, but within the context of Realtors in 06074: South Windsor, Connecticut—an area Burke has made his specialty, and a town he has made his home for more than 23 years.


South Windsor, for those who don’t yet live here, is a town of great neighborhoods, outstanding schools, memorable restaurants, and first-class shopping locales—all just a short jot away from to Hartford, Springfield, and Boston, MA. It’s also a town that CNN Money ranked #21 on its list of best places to live nationwide.


In short, it’s a niche market, large enough to embody a Realtor’s entire service area, yet small enough for the right South Windsor Realtor to truly lead—and Brian Burke is that Realtor. By combining a community rapport built over close to a quarter-century with a market-penetrating arsenal of today’s best “live” and online marketing tools, Burke has worked hard to become the best Realtor in South Windsor.


To be the best, Burke knows, you have to surround yourself with the best. It’s for this reason that Brian Burke has aligned his full-service real estate practice with the best professionals in South Windsor real estate, assembling a team comprising of a mortgage broker, attorney, home stager, and professional photographer to make sure that not just one, but all facets of his clients’ real estate experiences are top notch. Meanwhile, he supplements his practice with a variety of real estate blogs and social networking sites all dedicated exclusively to 06074, making him by far the busiest and most penetrating Realtor in South Windsor.


The results speak for themselves:

Burke’s average home listing sells within 43 days and for 97% of its original list price—that’s more than 55% faster than the national average and at a 2% higher value.


The reason? Fulltime dedication to market penetration, state-of-the-art technology, and superior service that ensures that clients doing business with Brian Burke get the best, deepest, most accurate, and most knowledgeable exposure focusing on the market they’re in: South Windsor, CT 06074.